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Written recommendation such as those on YELP, Merchant Circle and many other places cannot be trusted as all you need to do is make an e-mail to post a review and when you read the recommendations you have probably noticed they look similar.  This is because the owners of those window cleaning services and other services make their own reviews.  With Scenic View not only will you find written recommendations on the net, you will SEE and HEAR for yourself my happy customers recommending Scenic View window cleaning service on video here, the real deal and far more trustworthy then anonymous written reviews.  One site though is as scandalous as it gets and that is YELP if you are NOT a paying advertiser they hide all the reviews, basically using extortion on businesses, and when you do pay their $300.00 a month service fee all your bad reviews suddenly go poof and disappear.  YELP reviews are not to be trusted!  For all my videos Scenic View Window Cleaning You Tube