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Pressure washing service - Power washing service

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I have been pressure washing walkways, homes, driveways decks and much more for about 15 years.  When you hire me for your pressure washing needs in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Moorpark or anywhere else in Ventura County I will show on time.

Pressure washing makes a big difference.

Quotes for pressure washing are free, and my prices reasonable.  The photos below, of some of the power washing jobs I have done, will show you I don't just spray water around.  I get off everything leaving no lines or areas skipped. 

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Pressure washed from roof to ground, all walkways and patios including washing the windows in and out we made this home look pristine again

With three pressure washers we took care of 4,500 sq ft. roof to ground, plus walkways, patio, driveway and windows 1 1/2 days no moss/algae or grime left behind.

Getting your home pressure washed clean helps paint last longer, and keeps your home sharp and clean.

Pressure washing is the only way you'll get this unsightly moss/algae and grime off your walkways, patios and elsewhere


A good pressure washing every year or so will keep your home nice and a place to invite friends to without feeling....

A garden hose won't do this only pressure washing can, and I have years of experience, an eye for detail and I don't miss a square inch.