Expert window cleaning service, our window cleaners can get all the hard water damage removed from your windows and showers.

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By having us remove the hard water from your shower doors you'll save several hundred dollars in replacement costs.


Very few window cleaning services can take heavy hard water damage like this off the windows leaving them crystal clear for a reasonable price.


Years of hard water damage to these windows was removed - We saved the owner over $4,000.00 in replacement costs of these beveled lead framed French panes.


If you click on the photos you'll see clearly how good we are at getting hard water stains off windows.

Any window cleaning service can tell you how good they are at removing hard water stains and damage to your windows and shower doors.  I go a step further I SHOW you what your windows and shower doors will look like when we've finished, no guess work.  This kind of window cleaning is not inexpensive, but compared to the costs of replacing the windows it's a savings of several hundred to several thousand dollars in replacement costs.  We are the number one window cleaners in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks and anywhere else in Ventura county for hard water window restoration.