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We have been cleaning crystal chandeliers and other style chandeliers for more than fifteen years, in that time we have cleaned several hundred chandeliers and sconces without one problem, no broken pieces, no misplaced pieces.  As you will see from the many photos on this page we don't just clean windows, we clean chandeliers to shine like diamonds in the sun.

Do we carry liability, yes we do and I've yet to clean a million dollar chandelier, and that's the coverage we have $1,000,000.00.  We are extremely careful with steady hands and an eye for detail.  My goal is never to have to call my insurance agent and to only leave you with sparkling clean chandeliers, and a smile of amazement at just how beautiful they are again.    


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The electricians dragged these chandeliers to the balcony where they sat for 8 months. It took two days and we saved the owner over $11,000 in replacement costs

When it comes to chandelier cleaning you won't find any service that is better, or with more experience.

This was one of my more intricate chandelier cleaning projects the owner gave us a video review she was so happy we made her ten chandeliers and twelve sconces sparkle

We cleaned a total of twelve Waterford Crystal chandeliers throughout this home averaging $30,000.00 apiece.  We are the crystal chandelier cleaning service for you.

Cleaning chandeliers isn't easy it takes skill, patience, a steady hand and an eye for detail from start to finish, there is no being speedy about cleaning a chandelier not if the chandelier cleaner wants to leave a truly clean and sparkling chandelier for you to enjoy.  I am literally the best chandelier cleaning service in Ventura County, and Malibu, Los Angeles County. 

I have never had a client yet not say when finished they have never seen their chandeliers as clean, not even when they were brand new.  I take pride in what I do, and I have cleaned hundreds of sconces and chandeliers.  If after what you have seen in the photos, the video reviews hasn't had you pick up the phone to call me then e-mail me and I'll send you as many links to videos showing us cleaning chandeliers.  You can be as nitpicky as you wish, and you'll just be wasting your time because I leave no nits to pick just sparkling crystals reflecting the light.