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Window Cleaning --  Solar Panel Cleaning  --  Chandelier Cleaning

Scenic View Window Cleaning also does pressure washing, we pressure wash roofs, power wash balcony's.  We are detail oriented and get every square inch, we don't just spray water around.

 All estimates for power washing will include exterior windows cleaned that we get overspray on.  It is absolutely necessary or you WILL get hard water deposits and that can be expensive to remove, speaking of which, we also remove hard water deposits

In addition to pressure washing, we also do window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, chandelier cleaning, hard water deposit removal.  All estimates are free.

We will be on time for the appointment or you get 25% off the quoted price.  There is a 10% discount for cash.  I guarantee all our work and you have 7 days to let us know if we missed something, and we'll be right out to take care of it.


When we pressure wash your roof, we will be taking photos of the area's you cannot see so you knw every square inch has been done.  Some services will skip what you can't see which is why they can make really low bids.


When you hire us to do your pressure washing in Malibu, we can do complete home makeovers which if you are selling is a good idea.  You don't want prospective buyers thinking about the how the exterior of the home looks like.  Clean windows, clean walkways, patios, balcony's and roofs add VALUE to the sale, and if it is not for sale it just makes things look nicer.


Your home is your largest investment, you want to take care of it and pressure washing will do that, it will also help the paint last longer


My name is John and I have owned Scenic View Window Cleaning since 1999 and I work on almost every job, my helpers all have five years or more experience and we will not track up your floors or furniture with drips and footprints. For pressure washing, window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, chandelier cleaning anywhere in Malibu Los Angeles County California you want to hire Scenic View.