Malibu Chandelier Cleaning

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Professional Crystal Chandelier Cleaning Malibu California

Scenic View Window Cleaning has been cleaning chandeliers and other styles of lights in Malibu California.

We also clean sconces and exterior lamps, I am my crew have cleaned over 1,500 chandeliers, sconces, and I have no idea how many exterior lamps in the last 18 years.

We are detail oriented, we don't break your crystals and I usually have Crystals on hand to replace any that are missing from your chandelier.

10% off for cash

Our estimates for Chandelier cleaning or any of my services are free, when we make the appointment.

In addition to cleaning chandeliers we also do.

Window cleaning

Pressure washing

Solar panel cleaning.

Hard water damage removal


This is the worst condition I've seen a chandelier in.  Electricians stored them on the balcony for six months while the owner was in Europe.  Two days and showroom clean, and repaired


Just a VERY few of the hundreds of Chandeliers we have cleaned.